Secret Love Discovered

Brokeback Mountain is more than a movie for Tad and Tommy, it is their life. They grew up away from the city, where there are wide open spaces and where they can make secret gay love under wide open skies. They would be run out of town if anyone knew they were homosexual. But today, as they began their satisfaction of their young lust for each other, they had a witness. A shadow behind a bush watching in amazement as Tommy slurped at the head of Tad’s adolescent cock. Twitching his head in ecstasy to the side, Tad spotted their uninvited onlooker. The boys froze dead in their tracks. But to their further surprise, the young man behind the bush only rose to his feet. Without a word he stepped from behind the bush. It was then that Tad and Tommy could see their voyeur’s huge cock standing to attention, for his pants were unzipped and lowered several inches. No-one knew what to say or do until Tad broke the silence, “Let me suck your cock?”. The new addition to their party sheepishly nodded his head in agreement and stepped forward to join them. Tad was on his knees, alternating his mouth between two huge cocks that were thrusting at his face. With the thrill of new hot meat being present, Tad crawled around on all fours, positioning his cute ass in front of their visitor. The new arrival accepted the invitation and lined his head up with Tad’s hole, then slowly pushed it inside. With a moan Tad reached with his mouth for Tommy’s cock. And there the three boys remained, rhythmically pumping their hips and softly grunting and groaning under the watching eyes of nature.
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